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Murder Dice - A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

In this final episode of Murder Dice Vol. 2, we discover what our Slayers do in the final moments of the binding stone ritual and follow each character in what the years to come bring. We want to express our deepest thanks to all listeners and patrons for the love and support you've always shown us! And stay tuned for...

Jun 22, 2022

Our Slayers find themselves in a flood of the magical energies of two gods while they face the possessed body of their old companion. Can the gang defeat Amatsu before he can regain his godhood, or will they become the first victims of his reforming of the world? Find out now on this episode of Murder Dice!



Jun 4, 2022

The Slayers arrive at the Scattered Peninsula to face Amatsu with all the seriousness you expect from the Bang Gang. Will the powers and allies our heroes have gathered over their adventure be enough to defeat this great evil? Find out now on this episode of Murder Dice!


Murder Dice is a 5e, actual play, Dungeons &...