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Murder Dice - A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

On the season finale of Murder Dice the Slayers are set to do battle with the World Breaker. Could this be the end of our heroes? Will Oliver pilot his ship to victory? Will Rory lose his salt cured cargo? Will Darius ride a freaking Tarask? Find out NOW! On the season finale of MURDER DICE! Thank you for coming to the realm! 

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Special shout-outs! Casey, Perry (RIP), Lord TD, Lucas, Joe and Leigh, Puddins, May and Travis, Cam Knopp, Angie, Reuben and Daughter, Cody, Thomas and Sara, Zero, Bree, Tyler, Stobert, Berto, Arielle, Chief Queef, that town of people in Australia, Amy the Bloody Jackyl, Stanton, Heather, Gray, Norman "THICC DADDY" Lambert, Bebarce, Korie Riddle and Em the pink one, Capt. Sugar Bear, Danny tha ninja, The Illnist, Tony B, ANJULI, CSI:Neverwinter, Anyone I ever mailed stickers to, and last but certainly not least, NOMS. There are easily 100 people more I could add but this was off the top of my head so don't be a jerk if you were left off. We love the absolute hell out of all of you and are humbled by your support. Keep on Murderin'!